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Sorgho Squad

From unearthing hidden clues to overcoming thrilling challenges, the Sorgho Squad faces danger at every turn. Along the way, they encounter fascinating characters, unravel ancient mysteries, and unearth the power of unity and resilience. “Sorgho Squad” blends adventure, education, and the magic of ancient grains.


In a world plagued by challenges such as hunger, malnutrition, a warming climate, and decreasing biodiversity, only one team can help: THE SORGHO SQUAD!


But….WHERE and WHO are they?


Join Professor Sorgho and his assistant, Alice Atlas on a global quest to rediscover this Ancient-Grain Super-Team!


Fun for all ages. This graphic novel-style adventure series will keep you on the edge of your seat…..While also offering meaningful insights into some of the biggest crises facing our world today.

About the Author

Nate Blum

Nate Blum is an esteemed figure in the world of Sorghum production and marketing, Blum’s expertise in the field brings authenticity and depth to the narrative, providing readers with a unique insight into the world of Sorghum and its associated small grains in the comic book series, “Sorgho Squad.”

Chapter #1

From the Ruins Comes Jowar

Professor Sorgho has spent his life searching for solutions to global sustainability and nutrition challenges. His research leads him to a mysterious ancient super team, lost to the ages. He and his assistant Alice Atlas must search the globe to reassemble the Sorgho Squad. But, will they find them in time?

Chapter #2

The Rumors are True.. Introducing, Mashilla!

With the discovery of Jowar, Professor Sorgho and Alice Atlas have reawakened the first member of the lost ancient super team, The Sorgho Squad. Will Jowar be able to use his ability to create bio-based materials to lead them to rediscovering the next member of the team?

Chapter #3

The Milo

The Sorgho Squad is nearly complete. Jowar and Mashilla are able to provide bio-based materials and healthy food, but they are still missing one member. Join Professor Sorgho, Alice Atlas, and the team as they try to solve the “Milo Mystery”.





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