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From unearthing hidden clues to overcoming thrilling challenges, the Sorgho Squad faces danger at every turn. Along the way, they encounter fascinating characters, unravel ancient mysteries, and unearth the power of unity and resilience. “Sorgho Squad” blends adventure, education, and the magic of ancient grains.

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The Sorgho Squad is a fun and educational way to share the story of sorghum and millets, and how they can be a part of the solution to some of gravest challenges facing our planet and people.

I describe this series as Captain Planet meets Indiana Jones. The books are an adventure but with a greater mission driving the action.

Sorghum and millets are amongst the first grains cultivated by mankind. This means, and is supported by published research, that the human gut microbiome evolved alongside these ancient grains. Including highly nutritive sorghum and millets in diets has been shown to provide health benefits such as decreases in inflammatory disease effects, heart health benefits, anti-diabetic benefits, and anti-carcinogenic benefits.
Sorghum and millets are also drought resistant crops. They use roughly 1/3 of the water of comparable grains. They also provide benefits to soil health and improved carbon sequestration due to their larger root biomass. And, pollinators and birds thrive in these grains, providing much-needed biodiversity to agricultural systems.

I am passionate about improving regional food systems and access to healthy foods to combat hunger and food security. Moreover, I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, so the opportunities for environmental and economic sustainability for rural communities globally are particular passions. Finally, I am a huge comic book nerd. So, the idea to write these books in a graphic novel style format was one that came to me very easily.

I hope they pique the readers curiosity. I hope readers will want to learn more and will begin to request sorghum and millets-based products from their grocers and other businesses. Not to exclude other grain-based options. Rather to compliment them.
I also hope that readers come away with a sense of fun and excitement for the material itself. These books were written in a way that is adventurous and inquisitive. They are intended to be educational, but not so dry as to be unreadable. I hope that the stories provide entertainment to young people in addition to the information presented.



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